• Saberi Steel Tube & Profile Company which has gained about 20 years’ experience in producing steel profile sections was established in Abbas Abad Industrial Town in 2008
  • Saberi Tube & Profile Company has produced special products (patterned and jagged profiles) as well as custom dimensions as a new service for related industries
  • The exclusive benefits in steel tubes and steel patterned tubes has guided to construct a more special interior design and outside furniture or civil facilities

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Saberi Tube & Profile Company has used the modern technology and machinery as well as qualified personnel and specialists in production, quality control and other related sections. It could also improve the quality of their products because the company believes that the key to maintaining a reputation in the market depends on high quality of products and services.

Square Tubes


البوری المربع


پروفیل های مربعی


Rectangular Tubes


البوری المستطیل


پروفیل های مستطیلی